The simple life

I found a lot of inspiration reading Rohan Anderson’s recent post for the Guardian Eating off the land in June.

In a similar vein to Rohan, I recently moved to the Blue Mountains with the aim of “simplifying” life. While simplicity is much about the state of mind you have, I have found that being closer to the natural environment has really helped sharpen my focus on what’s important in life.

Moving from the city to an area where you really feel the seasons has heightened our awareness of them. And this applies as much to food as anything else. My partner and I are keen to start growing some food on our property (which is a small-ish suburban-scale block), but we are really conscious of choosing wisely given the conditions up here. It’s not really feasible to just throw something in the soil—when you get snow in October, you do have to really consider what you plant!

While we’re not returning to a farm, or growing anything substantial as yet, we have discovered the wonders this year of the naturally growing apple trees dotted around town. And we were delighted with our first haul of mandarins from a small tree the previous owners of our property had planted. There is a real delight in eating your own grown produce.

But we’re also very lucky to have a local green-grocer that sources locally and provides fresh produce that lasts more than 3 days before spoiling. We don’t feel we’ve lost any level of convenience, but are enjoying our food much more for the move. Exactly what we’d hoped for…