Seasonal Saturday moves to Sunday

I’ve been remiss in not posting about this sooner, but as is often the case, life has caught up with me a bit in the past few weeks.

When I decided to pursue the idea of Seasonal Saturday, I was hopeful that I might come across some like-minded folks that liked the idea and would like to contribute. Signs were promising when I approached some friends about contributing recipes across the year and got an overwhelmingly positive response (the results of which can be seen in this site).

However, I didn’t quite expect to come across someone else who had embarked on a very similar journey.

Thanks to a mutual acquaintance (in @hollingsworth), I was recently introduced to Jennifer Jenner who had kicked off Seasonal Sunday.

Of course, that probably sounds awfully familiar ;)

I had the pleasure of meeting JJ over lunch and we shared similar hopes and aspirations for the idea of a regular get-together of folks that are interested in great-tasting seasonal food. Rather than try to “compete” we agreed it would be much better to focus on one initiative.

So, the past two months (I told you I’d been remiss!!) the Seasonal Saturday contributors have been posting their creations over at Seasonal Sunday. Angela has posted a delicious Apple & Pear Crumble, and Rhys has concocted a wicked Chunky Sriracha Chilli Sauce.

So if you’re interested in joining the growing community, head over and sign-up to the newsletter or submit your ideas. We look forward to seeing you there!