Socoloco, and Seasonal Saturday, is a volunteer-run initiative. We’re most interested in hearing from other folks that share our interest and passion and might have some time to contribute to helping get things off the ground.

Some specific help that we are looking for:

  • Recipes and research: Got some great seasonal recipes you’d like to share? Tips for putting on a dinner? Preparation and storage tips? Or just spotted some incorrect information?
  • Expanding to other countries/cities: Want to do something similar in your town or country? We’d love to expand the idea and develop a set of global resources (rather than being limited to Australia). If you can help us with preparing and researching information about what’s in season, or just help promote in your local area, we’d love for you to be involved!
  • Django, jQuery and HTML/CSS development skills: If you’re technically minded and are up to helping build and maintain a web application that will make it easier for people to participate in Seasonal Saturday, we could use an extra pair of hands.
  • iOS development skills: Got chops building iPhone and iPad apps? Or maybe you’re just an experienced coder just looking for a good project to get to know iOS development with.
  • Sponsors: Are you part of a producer group or interested in promoting your fresh produce? We are open to discussing sponsorship opportunities (including in-kind contributions) if you’d like to participate in a grass-roots social initiative.

If you fit any of these descriptions, or would like to contribute in some other way, please get in touch.