What is Socoloco?

Socoloco was born out of the belief that food is best when it is social and local. And more fresh, delicious, seasonal food can only be a good thing, and is something worth supporting :)

Seasonal Saturday is the first initiative that we’ve kicked off, but this is just one of the ideas that we hope to explore with Socoloco. We’ll post more as things get moving. But in the meantime, if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, check out our demo Australian seasonal produce guide.

What does Socoloco mean?

The name has a double meaning:

  • SOCial and LOCal: mobile and social tools to support locally produced food
  • In Spanish: zoko = souk (an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar); loco = crazy. Thus “Socoloco” can be interpreted as “crazy market”.

On this latter meaning: the way that food is produced is often unsustainable, and the massive influence that major supermarket chains *cough* Coles *cough* Woolworths *cough* have in the Australian market negatively affects producers (exerting immense pressure on prices paid, for example) and consumers (e.g. lack of choice).

We think that social and mobile technologies can help make it easier to including local, seasonal produce into our daily routines, and to connect with others who are interested in doing so. Ultimately we hope that this can play a part in redressing the balance between producers and the people that ultimately benefit from the food they grow.

Who’s behind Socoloco?

Socoloco was started by Grant Young to continue to develop work he undertook as part of his Masters studies at RMIT, where he worked on the FlavourCrusader initiative with founder Sharon Lee. You can find more about the background to the project in Grant’s introductory blog post.

Our hope is that some simple ideas (like Seasonal Saturday) may spark wider community participation and grow from simple beginnings into something more substantial—”from little things, big things grow”. Socoloco was setup to support this longer-term aim.

If you are interested in contributing in any way (e.g. to expand our database to include seasonal produce and recipes for your country; or to help out with development of the site, for example) please get in touch.